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Acuity Master Released

In association with our US partners, we are proud to announce we have released Acuity Master digital eye chart software. More details on

Cuttix 1.2.767.11023

Cuttix Sheet Layout Optimizer version update 1.2.767.11023 has been released. This is a significant update with stability and speed improvements as well as some new features. You may download it now!

Prices permanently reduced by more than 50%

We have permanently reduced all price by more than 50% for all Cuttix editions. Check out new prices now!

Software Development Blog

CDYNE SMS Sample WinForms C# App

I have created a simple C# WinForms sample to interface SMS API. More information on the API can be found here:! The API source code is on GitHub: Additionally, here is a simple video showing the process of simple console app creation. Enjoy!

Surface 2.0 SDK Migration and PowerToy Blues with “Object not set to an instance of an object”

New Microsoft® Surface® 2.0 SDK has been released along with the Microsoft® Surface® Migration Power Toy which is aimed at helping all the Surface 1.0 code to the new SDK. There have been numerous changes in the new SDK to play along with the WPF 4 and its integrated touch support. The Power Toy is there to […]

Loading external XAML file with custom namespaces

I encountered a XAML puzzle today. Luckily, it was easy to solve although it did take some time to find out. Suppose that you want to keep part of your WPF UI in a file external to your main application. Normally, all of your XAML is embedded as a Page resource in your application. This […]