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Cuttix needs three basic pieces of information in order to do its magic. You must enter:

  1. At least ONE material
  2. At least ONE panel (of the above material type)
  3. And finally at least ONE part you want to cut from the available panel(s)

If any of the above is missing the “Start” button will be grayed out like so:


Additionally, each of the three grids (materials, panels and parts) may be left accidentally in “edit” mode in an invalid state. If this happens, a red icon image will appear in the leftmost column signifying the state of the row is invalid. If any of the three grids is in invalid state, most of the ribbon buttons and controls will be grayed out. To make them enabled again, be sure to find the invalid row and either fix the problems in it and hit RETURN (to accept) or simply hit ESCAPE on the row (to cancel). Either way, the row and therefore the grid will become valid again thus enabling the ribbon.


If optimization “Start” button is still disabled, you are missing any of the materials, parts or panels from your project. Be sure to add them and the button will be enabled thus allowing you to proceed to project optimization.

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